Bonus Fiberglass Course


The Aquaponics Design Course will teach you how to make fish tanks from commercially available tanks, simple tote or IBC containers or even wood and plastic liner.

For some people though, they want the very best and fiberglass is a terrific method to replicate tanks. It's strong, inert and infinitely repairable. We'll show you how to use it for aquaponics in this added BONUS course.

The Fiberglass Course is available at the very end when you've completed the 8-Week Online Aquaponics Design Course.

As a former fiberglass boat builder, your instructor Murray Hallam, found it easy to build all kind of tanks from aquaponic fish tanks to swirl filters to sump tanks and you'll discover the same method he uses to make commercial tanks for sale or for your own aquaponics system, if that's what you want to do. 


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