Enrollments for The Online Aquaponics Design Course Open Here, March 10th 2019, 9am AEST.

We've added more content along the way so we have extended the course from 6 weeks to 8 weeks as well as adding a BONUS Course!   Giving you more time to learn and ask questions. All for the same enrollment fee.

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Get Ready - Plan Ahead !

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What is Aquaponics?

Watch this short video on growing dynamic plants and fish together. You can do this at your home. Murray Hallam explains the process for you.


Registrations for the Course start HERE on the 7th October


Taught by Murray Hallam.

Murray Hallam has travelled all over the world teaching and installing Aquaponics systems. An early pioneer in the field of Aquaponics, he has over 10 years practical experience behind him and is constantly refining his knowledge, at his research facility in Australia.

Murray's 8 week course will teach you how to design an Aquaponics system suitable for your home then progress right up to designing for a commercial system. 

The Online Aquaponics Design Course

This is our flagship 8-Week Online Course. Many seasoned Aquaponics professionals do this course.

  • We take you from a raw beginner to a professional Aquaponics Designer in 8-Weeks
  • You need to devote about 3 hours of study per week! Watch videos on your smart phone or computer!
  • Ask questions under each video. Get your answers from Murray Hallam
  • Weekly Live Webinars with Murray. 
  • Plan your own system as you follow the course
  • Get Aquaponics Certification personally assessed by Murray Hallam if you submit your design at the end of the course. (Many students do this course just for the Certification.)
  • Get Free Plans. Pilot System Plan. Mid-Size System Plan and much more
  • Free PDF Weekly course manual
  • Farm System spreadsheet and so much more!
  • 7-Day Money Back Guarantee

Start Small or go Large!

We've trained hundreds of students to become professional aquaponics designers, like this 1-acre farm in India, built by one of our students.


Registrations for this course open Here on the 10th March 2019! Don't miss it!


What's Inside the Course

Bonus FREE Course! Fibreglass Tank Manufacturing Course!

At completion of the Aquaponics Design Course you
are automatically enrolled in our Fibreglass Tank Manufacturing Course valued at USD $500.

Learn the details of making your own fish tanks, sump
tanks, grow beds, header tank and swirl filters.

"Philip K's message half way through Aquaponics Design Course ....... "Absolutely fantastic course so far. Worth every cent. Even up here to the half way point. All the information and tips are fantastic and well worth the money. I think if anyone was going to do aquaponics without this course it would take them months to find the information and could quite possibly cost them a lot of fish without it, as well as plants....Got most of the stuff for the pine combo kit and have started on constructing it. Just waiting for the pumps for it and another little project I am doing. Can't wait to get onto week 4."

Phillip K - Student

" I am currently a student in the course and I can tell you... It's a life changer. Your life and the life of those who surround you! It's worth every penny and more. Welcome to the future!"

Andrei - Student

"I'm a Texas master gardener and this course is wonderful. It's is very practical and informative. Murray entertaining and keeps you engaged. The level of real life experiences and detail is second to none"

Mary Thomas - Student

"The course has been a real eye-opener. When i started to look into aquaponics, i thought i would do it just a hobby/pastime. Having seen the potential of aquaponics, and having had a tour around the farms in Oman, Korea and India, i am blown away by what is possible if one puts one's mind to it ! Amazing content, loaded with practical aquaponics knowledge and tidbits that have been gathered by years and years of experienced practitioners ! "

Jay B - Student

Download the Course PDF

Download our course Guidebook for curriculum, pricing, bonus features, testimonials, student farms and much more.

Download the PDF Guidebook

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Our Famous 8-Week Online Video Course

Our 8-Week Online Video Course is for the pros who want to go to the next level. From home systems to large commercial farm systems - we've got you covered! We even give you Certification if you submit your design for assessment.


Registrations for the course open Here on the 10th March 2019!



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