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What is Aquaponics?

Watch this short video on growing dynamic plants and fish together. You can do this at your home. Murray Hallam explains the process for you.


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Aquaponics Taught by Murray Hallam.

Aquaponics is the growing of Fish and Plants together. The waste from the fish, feeds the plants. Aquaponics is an exciting new direction in growing pure, clean food in a more sustainable way.

Murray Hallam has travelled all over the world teaching and installing aquaponics systems. An early pioneer in the field of aquaponics, he has over 10 years practical experience behind him and is constantly refining his knowledge, at his research facility in Australia.

His motivation is to provide access for people to grow healthy organic food for themselves and their communities, no matter what their climate or access to suitable land.


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Murray's program of videos showcase the potential of Aquaponics. If you're familiar with Aquaponics there are tips and insights to enjoy. If you're new to growing, then you'll be amazed! Here's just a few examples of what you'll enjoy. Join us and a watch a NEW VIDEO EVERY WEEK

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The Online Aquaponics Design Course

This is our flagship 8-Week Online Course. Many seasoned Aquaponics professionals do this course.

  • We take you from a raw beginner to a professional Aquaponics Designer in 8-Weeks
  • You need to devote about 3 hours of study per week! Watch videos on your smart phone or computer!
  • Ask questions under each video. Get your answers from Murray Hallam
  • Weekly Live Webinars with Murray. 
  • Plan your own system as you follow the course
  • Get Aquaponics Certification personally assessed by Murray Hallam if you submit your design at the end of the course. (Many students do this course just for the Certification.)
  • Get Free Plans. Pilot System Plan. Mid-Size System Plan and much more
  • Free PDF Weekly course manual
  • Farm System spreadsheet and so much more!
  • 7-Day Money Back Guarantee

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Check out our previous course Guidebook for course curriculum, pricing, bonus features, testimonials, student farms and much more.

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"Can’t express how good the information is, relaxed learning style of Murray is very easy to learn with, breaks the processes down to easily understandable systems that can be reproduced with confidence."

Mark K.,
Victoria, Australia

"The aquaponics design course provided by Mr. Murray and his team is very informative and helpful. It help me understand where I made flaws in my own setup and opened my eyes to new possibilities."

Abdelaziz A.,
Saudi Arabia

"This course is the real deal. It gives tried and tested information, so one doesn’t have to learn by trial and error. Murray doesn’t hold back. He gives all the information and wants students to be successful in their projects. This is the best value for money I’ve ever received. Thank you Murray!"

Raymanda M
South Africa

"This course was an incredible introduction to the endless possibilities of aquaponics. I am not only ecstatic about the prospect of growing pure food for myself and my family, but I am also confident in the fact that I can pull that off thanks to the knowledge I gained in this course. Thank you Murray!"

Kenzi G

" I was surprised with the density of information and knowledge that was delivered by this course. I was a bit concerned about the math behind the design and that was taken care of during the course."


"Thank you, Murray, for offering this course. I have enrolled in multiple courses and feel that this course is the best by far and most informative. thank you again for this opportunity, I look forward to taking this course again in the future."

Jason O
United States

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Our Famous 8-Week Online Video Course

Our 8-Week Online Video Course is for the pros who want to go to the next level. From home systems to large commercial farm systems - we've got you covered! We even give you Certification if you submit your design for assessment.


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