Small Farm Build


One of the advantages of being a student of ours is that you get this added bonus course for free. 

The Small Farm Build is a mini-course that takes you into the process of building a system over a 3-Month period. It's a real project that was built and is functioning for a student of ours located in Queensland, Australia. There are many little details that you'll discover that are not covered in the course but are essential to know if you're in the process of building your own system and don't want to make any unforced mistakes.

This mini-course explains the process of building a small 6 x fishtank aquaponics farm inside a 50m x 10m greenhouse. Everything you've learned in the Aquaponics Design Course is now demonstrated and put into practise - from plumbing the sumps, header/distribution tank to the swirl/settlement tanks and mineralisation tank, even backup systems are mentioned. You'll be able to follow Murray Hallam in this three month adventure building an aquaponics farm system from start to finish.

It's an added bonus for you to watch when you've completed the Aquaponics Design Course. How good is that?!


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