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This Aquaponics Design Course is  a collaboration between Ecofilms Australia and Murray Hallam. Ecoflims has partnered with Murray for 9 years on video projects. Their production with Murray Hallam on his 3 DvD's Aquaponics Made Easy, Aquaponics Secrets and Aquaponics DIY has contributed to the growing awareness of Aquaponics and has encouraged people to start growing with his systems all over the world.

After 3 years  developing a successful online Permaculture course, Ecofilms Australia have brought  their experience and skills in online course creation to this Aquaponics Design Course.

Murray Hallam is the director of Practical Aquaponics which is based in Australia. Murray is by nature an innovator and in his research & development facility he has perfected many new methodologies for commercial farm Aquaponic systems. His gold standard Aquaponics kits are distributed throughout Australia and have also been exported to New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Bermuda, and the United States. Feedback from Murray’s large client base has provided valuable development data for his knowledge base about Aquaponics.

Additionally,  Murray has delivered Aquaponics training programs across Australia, the United States, India, Morocco, Hungary, Portugal, South Africa, Hong Kong and Puerto Rico. Murray's teaching and consultancy services are much in demand as the Aquaponics industry grows.

Murray would like to see more people empowered to become key players in localised food production systems,  through Aquaponics farms in urban and peri urban spaces.  He hopes to fast track this potential by offering this online course.  He hopes it will contribute to the education of more people, giving them the skills to bring pure, nutrient rich food to their communities and gain meaningful livelihoods.


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