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I have read and agree to the terms and conditions of this page as follows:

I am ready to reserve my place on Murray Hallam's Fiberglass Manufacturing Course

I understand that I will be able to watch the course  by Murray Hallam online as soon as I order.

I understand this payment gives me access to this site for 12 months from the start date of the course.

I understand I am able to ask questions in the course under each video and that Murray Hallam will answer a selection of questions

 I understand I won’t be able to email Murray Hallam  my questions directly.

I understand that the Aquaponics Design Course partnership are not liable for any activities and decisions I make as a result of the course resulting in physical injury or financial loss.

I understand I am  responsible for maintaining the acquired knowledge and skills, and applying the acquired knowledge and skills in a way which is appropriate to my particular situation.

I agree unequivocally that Aquaponics Design Course is hereby released from any liability, action and claims of whatsoever nature in connection with, or arising from, information, instruction or advice, obtained from the Fiberglass Tank Manufacturing Course that may or may not have been applied to the student’s particular situation or project.

 I understand that the videos are not downloadable and that course material and information are for my personal use only. Course materials cannot be sold, lent, copied, published in any way either electronically, printed, hand written, audibly or by any other delivery or publishing method, or used in any way beyond the online the Fiber Glass Tank Manuafacturing Course.  The materials are NOT to be used in whole or in part as part of or included in any training material, classroom lectures, manuals, either in hard or electronic format or verbal delivery to another individual person or group or gathering. 

I understand that  Aquaponics Design Course takes the protection of its copyright very seriously. If Aquaponics Design Course discovers that I have used its copyright materials in contravention of the Copyright policy, Aquaponics Design Course Partnership will bring legal proceedings against me seeking monetary damages. I may also be ordered to pay legal costs.



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